About our company

Yes, our company is Russian

Yes, our company provides RPO approved products.

The solutions provided by our company are of our own design, we don't copy the products of foreign companies.

Our company has been on the information security market for over 10 years.
About products

Our products integrate with Astra-Linux, ALT-Linux and RED OS.

About once every two months.

Yes, the company conducts training for customers and partners.

The introduction of products can be carried out by the company's specialists at the customer's site.
About partnership

You should register at the partnership portal, sing NDA .

Depending on the type and status, a discount of up to 50% is provided for our solutions.

o increase the level of partner status, you must fulfill the requirements specified in the agreement. We collect statistics and, depending on the result, discuss with the partner the conditions for increasing the level of the agreement.

There are four partnership statuses: Registered, Certified, Professional and Master.
About pilots

To order any pilot by product, you need to click on the button on the product page and fill in the required fields or click on the "Order pilot" button in the navigation bar of our website, select a product, fill out the form, then the company manager will contact you.

Yes, a personal manager and engineer are provided for the entire time of product piloting.

Yes, it is possible, but by individual agreement.

Yes, perhaps the main thing is to indicate the amount of data that the equipment must process.